The Chilean Miner, Jose Henriquez who is currently visiting the United Kingdom, was presented with his first ever autism awareness ribbon by Ivan Corea, Founder of Autism Sunday.

Autism Sunday, the International Day of Prayer for Autism and Asperger's Syndrome falls on Sunday 13th February 2011. Jose Henriquez was the 24th miner to be rescued after spending 69 days, 600 metres undersground.

Jose Henriquez was speaking in front of a massive audience at All Saint's Church, Woodford Wells who will also be observing Autism Sunday on 13th February 2011 at 11.15 a.m.

Henriquez shared his deep faith in God and his experiences of being trapped for 69 days with 32 other miners. Ivan Corea said Jose Henriquez was an amazing man and that it was a wonderful story of survival. He spoke to Jose Henriquez very briefly about Autism Sunday.

An autism awareness ribbon was also presented to Reverend Alf Cooper who is the Chaplain to the President of Chile.